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Homev Holding with decade of experience in real estate inTurkey with its experienced experts offers services in regard of company registration, citizenships,Turkish passport and providing financial, legal and investment consultings as well as construction and design services to our clients around the globe


Since the start of this company, our objective and policy has been focused based on professional work and offer best services to our clients. In order to reach our goal homev have created subsidiary companies such as Homev Design, Homev Management, Homev Investments, Majidi Law and etc…

After the approvals and the updates of the new legislations in regards of Turkish Citizenships by the Turkish government which leaded to lowering the minimum real estate investments from 1 million dollars to 250,000 dollars in 2018. Homev, already having the great background and experienced team of legal consultants and obtaining the necessary guarantees from the government along with trust and confident of the investors has successfully obtained 260 citizenships and Turkish passports.


Homev, after obtaining all the required licences started its official activities and opened its first office in 2009, having located in Istanbul, Homev has been amongst the best companies for foreign investors who are interested in investing in Turkey


With the increasing number of foreign investors in turkey and significant growth of its economy, Homev works via a strong network of experienced and reliable real estate consultants and top real estate developers focusing on providing world class comprehensive real estate services to domestic and foreign investors whom are interested to explore the favourable real estate opportunities available in turkey.


In 2019 Homev has taken a step towards construction and real-estate development and has started a project in Baghdad Caddesi (Istanbul) and in the meantime is planning to start a bigger project in 2020.


With the expansion of its activities and market evaluations of Turkey, Homev started to develop its services such as company registrations, research marketing, financial and legal consulting and offer these services to its investors.


Homev after almost a decade of its establishment and obtaining all the required licences and working with credible and well-funded projects has placed itself in between the best reliable companies in turkey, especially after the start of the new investment citizenship law in 2018.

Real Estate || The Turkish Citizenship


Homev Hodling has given its services to over 2,000 clients during the past 10 years. In less than 2 years from the new investments laws this company has obtained more than 260 citizenships and sold over 550 residential and commercial properties worth 150 million dollars.


In order to reach its objectives and future goals, Homev expanded its services and established new subsidiaries companies  to offer more dynamic, efficient and professional services to its clients.


DASTE2VOM is one of the companies who specialized in giving services to clients whom already purchased a property from Homev and for them to get opportunity to sell the properties.


HOMEVDESIGN was established due to many requests from Homev clients whom are in need of interior renovations and furnishing and designing their dream home.


HOMEV MANAGEMENT, MAJIDI LAW and HOMEV INVESTMENTS with their expansion of the services are completing all our clients’ needs in Turkey.

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